Toprak Çocukları Ceramic Workshop

We set up Toprak Çocukları Ceramic Workshop in 16 June 1997 with  Azize Önlü, Azime Önlü, Our history started for our hope to make art freely an share with people freely. According to us, the art can not grow in places without freedom.

We produce oversized artistic sculptures, decorative items for homes and offices, ceramic wall panneles, pots, vases, bells, bowls, talismans, necklaces, also various items in our workshop.

If we define as ceramic techniques; all products are produced from clay ceramic. Given a form to prepared clay then leave for to dry. Drying objects are placed in the oven.

Actually ceremic items are always around us. All porcelain bowls, sinks, tiles and many more items are made with clay. Ceramics that we use for thousands of years, they are stil in our life.